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Commercial Canopies & Commercial Shade Solutions

Commercial canopies are an easy and affordable way to give buildings the refresh they need while adding an extra layer of protection from the sun and rain. With various materials and designs to choose from, your commercial building is sure to stand out among the rest.

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High Quality Commercial Canopies

Create A Comfortable Outdoor Space For Your Staff & Customers

A commercial canopy is an easy, permanent solution that provides shade, shelter, and decorative accents to commercial buildings and properties. They can either be free-standing structures or attached to the building with support posts. The most common type is a fixed canopy at the entrance of a building that helps reduce the amount of sunlight beaming into the interior. Commercial canopies are the perfect way to expand your overall outdoor footprint and elevate your customer’s experience, creating new opportunities to increase revenue.

Commercial Canopies In South Florida

Our Recent Commercial Canopy Projects

We have design, fabricated, and installed thousands of commercial canopies and other shade structures throughout South Florida since our founding in 1984. Browse a selection of the canopies for commercial properties we’ve completed recently or give us a call to discuss your project with a member of our team.

Reviews From A Few Of Our Customers

Great company!! Very cordial and professional. Project was quoted out, dates were given and everything was followed up with. Any modifications that we had made, they were more than happy to accommodate all of our needs and left everything clean once they were done. Best of all, they had the lowest price of all of our quotes.

Jona Landman 2 years 1 months ago

Valrose has by far the best quality and best customer service in this industry! I was looking for a company that would complete the awning fairly quickly and do a great job, and Valrose did just that. Their price was great and they were very attentive to my wants and needs. We couldn’t be happier with the job!

Bianca Kern 4 years 9 months ago

Very knowledgeable in your service. Much thanks to Rolando for bring our attention to our warrenty through Sunbrella. Beautiful and efficient installation. Thanks to all

Cathy Barry 1 years 10 months ago

Great company all around. Finished the work ahead of schedule and everyone at the company I dealt with was professional. Highly recommended.

Yhonatan C. Benimetzky 2 years 4 months ago

We were looking for a company to install a carport for our dad. We came across Awnings by Valrose online and decided to get a quote. Rolando was very professional and even offered alternative solutions to make sure we get the right carport for my father. I would highly recommend them if you are looking to beautify your property.

Ruth Joseph 1 years 12 months ago
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How Commercial Canopies are Built

We typically build commercial canopy frames from powder-coated aluminum; however, for larger canopies, we can use steel to support the heavier weight. Depending on the design, the covering can be fabric, metal, or fiberglass.

Our materials offer an ideal combination of convenience, cost, and durability. They’re water-resistant, rust-resistant, and warp-resistant, making them perfect for holding up in South Florida’s humid climate. Commercial canopies can be constructed in various sizes, shapes, and colors ensuring we can create a custom solution that meets your needs.

Our Process

Work With An Experienced Commercial Canopy Builder

Valrose has been a premier commercial canopy and shade solution builder in South Florida for over forty years. We build all of our products in-house, ensuring our customers receive only the highest-quality finished products customized to their needs. While every canopy installation is a little different, here is our typical design, build and install process.

  • Initial Consultation

    We start an initial consultation to review your property and discuss your wants and needs.

  • Design & Material Selection

    We work with you to select the best materials to meet your budget and requirements, then produce a design for your products.

  • Build & Install

    Our team builds your canopy in our factory for efficiency and then transports it to you for installation.

  • Final Inspection

    No project is complete until our customers are 100% satisfied and we’ve passed any necessary inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Canopies

We’ve been asked many questions about commercial canopies and other shade products in our more than four decades in business. Here are some of the most commonly asked ones we’ve received from previous customers.

Do Shade Sails Keep Rain Out?

Shade sail materials are available in two main types: waterproof fabrics that keep out light-to-moderate rain and breathable fabrics that help keep the air underneath the shade cooler.

How Do You Shade a Playground?

Depending on the playground size, you can add a shade to cover the whole area, smaller zones of related equipment, or individual pieces such as swings, slides, and climbers. When designing your playground cover, we can work with you to find the most effective and affordable combination.

What Are Playground Shades Made Of?

Most playground shade covers are made with a waterproof or breathable fabric roof, supported by metal posts for sturdiness. However, in some circumstances, a solid metal canopy can provide a greater level of protection, although at a higher cost.

How Do Shade Covers Over Playgrounds Help?

In a climate like South Florida’s, playground shade covers are essential for four important reasons:

  • They help protect children’s skin against harmful UV rays and sunburn.
  • They lower temperatures to keep children safer in longer play sessions without overheating.
  • They keep playground equipment cooler to avoid the risk of burning.
  • They protect your play equipment against fading and cracking in strong direct sunlight, extending its useful life.
Whether you’re a parent wanting to protect your children’s health or a business owner wanting to provide a safe environment for your younger customers, playground shade covers are the ideal solution.

Do Shade Covers Keep a Playground Cool?

Shade covers are great for cooling down playgrounds during the summer months. There are various options that will provide varying levels of protection from the sun so that you can balance the perfect amount of shade and sun for your space.

What Are The Most Common Types of Canopies?

Typically canopies can be put into one of 3 categories – patio canopies, car canopies, or commercial canopies. But within these categories, you can also find variations, including portable tent canopies, fixed overhead canopies, retractable canopies, and more. Because canopies can be built with a combination of metal and fabrics, they are one of the most easily customizable shade solutions we offer.

What’s The Difference Between A Canopy And A Gazebo?

While canopies and gazebos both offer shade and shelter in your yard, that’s where their similarities stop. A gazebo is a self-contained structure complete with posts, a roof, often one or more sides, and usually a deck or other type of flooring. Gazebos are typically built to provide a shaded outdoor relaxation space similar to a deck or patio. By contrast, a canopy is an overhead cover that’s usually attached to the wall of a building or supported by an open framework of posts rather than having a building-like structure. While canopies can provide cover to a deck or patio, they are typically used to cover existing spaces, not create new ones.

Are Canopies Rainproof?

Canopies are available in a variety of materials, and depending on your choice, they can be made entirely rainproof. Old-fashioned canvas canopies offer little protection from rain and can soak up moisture with a risk of mold or staining. However, more modern options are made from canvas coated with acrylic or vinyl for total waterproofing. Canopies made from fiberglass, metal, or another solid material are entirely weatherproof, providing full shelter in sunny and rainy weather.

Request a Quote for a Custom Commercial Canopy Today

If you’re ready to get your commercial canopy project started, get in touch with one of our shade experts today. Our representatives are standing by to answer any questions you may have and help you design the perfect canopy for your building. Call us at 305-893-5533 or fill out our contact form and tell us about your project for a free, no-obligation quote.

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