Patio Awnings In Miami

Modern Patio Awnings For Homes & Businesses

If you’re looking for an easy solution to add shade cover and protection from the elements to your patio, a patio awning could be exactly what you’re looking for. We build custom patio awnings for residential and commercial properties, perfectly suited to withstand South Florida’s unique climate.

Call us today or fill out our quote form to speak to one of our shade experts about upgrading your backyard with a patio awning.


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Custom Awnings for Patios

Turn Your Backyard Into An Outdoor Entertainment Space

Patio awnings are roof-like structures that can cover part or all of an outdoor space without taking up any floor space. They provide optimal UV protection and shade cover and also make a great place to wait out afternoon summer rainstorms. Patio awnings can either be stationary, retractable, manual, or motorized. Manual retractable patio awnings operate through a hand crank and are designed with articulated arms allowing for a smooth opening and closing.


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Great company!! Very cordial and professional. Project was quoted out, dates were given and everything was followed up with. Any modifications that we had made, they were more than happy to accommodate all of our needs and left everything clean once they were done. Best of all, they had the lowest price of all of our quotes.

Jona & Sandra Landman Patio Cover Project

Patio Awning Gallery

Our Recent Patio Awning Projects

We have completed hundreds of patio awnings installations in South Florida since we opened in 1984. Here are a few of our more recently completed projects.

retractable patio cover awnings miami
Awnings for Patios In Miami

How We Build Patio Awnings

We use high-quality powder-coated aluminum and vinyl to build our patio awnings because they are rust-resistant, wind-resistant, and water-proof materials. Aluminum and vinyl don’t warp in the South Florida humid climate, nor do they fade under constant sun exposure.

We produce all of our patio awnings from the raw materials in our shop located in Miami, allowing us to have complete control over product quality and keep our prices as low as possible for our customers.

retractable awning cover

Why Invest in a Patio Awning

In addition to offering protection from the sun and other elements, patio awnings offer several other benefits to property owners. For one, converting your patio to a covered outdoor entertainment space is a great way to add value to your property – especially in South Florida.

Patio awnings can also help extend your furniture’s lifespan by blocking UV rays, rain, and other elements that can wear it down more quickly. Properties with smaller backyards can also use an awning as a privacy barrier, allowing you to create an easy separation between you and your neighbors.

Our Process

Why Choose Valrose as Your Backyard Awning Builder?

Valrose has been a leading provider of patio covers and other shade products in South Florida for over 40 years. We design all our products in-house, ensuring our customers receive only the highest-quality products. While every patio awning installation is a little different, here is our typical design, build and install process.

  • Initial Consultation

    We start an initial consultation to review your property and discuss your wants and needs.

  • Design & Material Selection

    We work with you to select the best materials to meet your budget and requirements and produce a design.

  • Build & Install

    Our team builds your awnings in our factory for efficiency and then transports them to you for installation.

  • Final Inspection

    No project is complete until our customers are 100% satisfied and we’ve passed any necessary inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Patio Awnings & Patio Covers

We’ve heard a lot of questions about patio awnings in our 40 years of building shade products. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Do I Need a Permit to Install Patio Awnings?

Typically a permit is required, but the specific type of permit can vary between municipalities. Our team can assist you with pulling any permits required for your project.

How Long Does it Take to Install Patio Awnings?

With good weather, a patio awning can typically be installed in one day. However, the size and complexity of your awning will dictate the exact timeframe needed to install your patio awning.

How Much Does a Patio Awning Cost?

The cost of your patio awning will vary according to your project’s specifications; however, you can typically expect to pay between [PRICE RANGE]. The materials used, the size of the structure and any add-ons you include will affect the final price. 

Our dedicated team is ready to work with you to find the best product that fits your budget.

Is Installing A Patio Awning A Good Investment?

A patio awning is a great way to create a comfortable outdoor living space that you can enjoy year-round. They offer the same shaded protection from the sun but can be less expensive than larger, permanent structures. As a bonus, a covered patio is a great feature to advertise if you decide to sell your home one day.

With the amount of time you’ll spend relaxing outdoors or hosting parties under your patio awning, you can be sure you’ll get your money’s worth out of your investment.

Is There a Difference Between a Patio Awning & a Porch Awning?

Technically the difference between a patio awning and a porch awning is its location. Porches are located at the front of the house, while patios are typically in the backyard. That being said, since there is no hard or fast rule about what’s a porch versus a patio, the terms are often used interchangeably.

How Do Motorized Retractable Awnings Work?

Motorized retractable patio awnings are controlled by either a remote or through implemented sensors. The sensors are designed to detect unsavory weather conditions and automatically retract your awning to keep it safe from high wind speeds and open when the sky clears up.

Request a Quote for a Custom Patio Awning Today

If you’re ready to transform your backyard with a patio awning, give our shade experts a call today. Stylish, functional, and durable, patio awnings have it all. Contact us at 305-893-5533 or fill out our contact form to tell us a little about your project, and a team member will send you a free, no-obligation quote.

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