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Summer vacation swimming pool

Stylish Pool Shade Options For Any Home In South Florida

With how hot South Florida’s summers get and the relatively warm winters, it’s no wonder that so many homes in the tri-county area have backyard swimming pools. But as all...

backyard cabanas south fl

The Best Shade Structures For Backyards In South Florida

South Florida is known for its sunny and warm climate, making shaded backyard areas a key component for comfortable outdoor living. The proper shade structure can protect you from the...

Backyard Cabana and Deck

Innovative Deck Shade Ideas To Liven Up Your Outdoor Space

Decks are a cherished extension of the home, offering a comfortable bridge to the great outdoors and providing a perfect setting for relaxation and social gatherings. As such, balancing the...

Outdoor lounge area.

Modern Backyard Design Ideas For Spaces With No Grass

With the neverending mowing, watering, and weeding, grass maintenance can be exhausting and time-consuming. Free up your weekends again by revamping your backyard with a modern, no-grass design, and get...

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