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Outdoor lounge area.

Modern Backyard Design Ideas For Spaces With No Grass

With the neverending mowing, watering, and weeding, grass maintenance can be exhausting and time-consuming. Free up your weekends again by revamping your backyard with a modern, no-grass design, and get...

Open Air Luxury Patio

Patio Cover Inspiration & Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to homeownership, there’s a big difference between a backyard and an outdoor living space. A backyard is perfect for football games, playing fetch, and the occasional backyard...

Gazebo entwined with greenery and flowers on the lawn in front of the house, surrounded by trees

Our Backyard Gazebo Buyers Guide – Pricing, Options, Installation & More

If you’re considering adding a gazebo to your backyard, you’ve probably got a laundry list of who’s, what’s, why’s, and how’s that you’re still trying to piece together. Who can...

Exterior Shots of a Modern Terrace with Dining Table

Modern Awning Ideas to Transform a Home or Storefront

A high-quality awning is an asset to any home or business, providing cooling shade in the summer sun and protection from rain and wind in less comfortable weather. But even...

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